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Compared with standard code-built homes, the Villas at Hawks Ridge use significantly less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating, which results in thousands of dollars saved on utility bills over the course of a few years.

Built using EnergyStar appliances and constructed to EnergyStar standards, the developers of Hawks Ridge understand that today’s homebuyers are demanding greener and more energy efficient homes.

The developers of Hawks Ridge know that buying in today’s market is complex. With so many factors to consider like location, suitability, mortgage rates and taxes, the details of energy efficient construction can be overwhelming and often glossed over if you do not have the proper assistance to guide you in the process. The builder of The Villas at Hawks Ridge, AJ Grasso, and his team are here to support you so that you feel confident in the decision you make and live comfortably in the home that you want.


Incredible Energy Rating

Referring to the graph to the right, Hawks Ridge homes are being built to a HERS rating of under 50. HERS Indexes of three other typical homes are provided for reference:

  • EXISITNG HOME (An older existing home that had equipment updated in the 1990’s)

  • 2 TO 10 YR. HOME (A typical home built to the previous code minimum, IECC 2003 code)

  • NEW TO 2 YR. HOME (A typical new construction home built to IECC 2009 code minimum)

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